Lifesaving Sport

Lifesaving sport is the only sport whose skills are first learned for humanitarian purposes. Lifesaving sport is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation. 

World and Commonwealth Championships are held every two years. In Canada, the Lifesaving Society organizes annual Canadian and provincial championships. Additional lifesaving sport competition opportunities are available through the Lifesaving Society’s TeleGames, provincial, and national competitions. 

The International Life Saving Federation is the governing body internationally; its National Member Organizations are the governing bodies in their respective countries. In Canada, the Lifesaving Society is governing body for lifesaving sport.

Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals

The Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals program offers a recreational introduction to lifesaving sport skills in a 5-level progression that builds on learn-to-swim skills. The program is designed to keep kids active gaining new skills while learning about team building, fair play, ethics in sport and personal responsibility. 

  • Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals is led by a certified Lifesaving Sport Coach Level 1. 
  • The acquisition of lifesaving sport skills provides an excellent foundation for lifesaving and lifeguard training. 
  • Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals content is organized as follows: Lifesaving Sport Principles; Starts, Turns, Transitions & Finishes; Swim Proficiencies, and; Lifesaving Sport Skills. The program teaches team building, fair play, ethics in sport and personal responsibility. 
  • Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals incorporates True Sport ( Principles:
    • Go For It
    • Play Fair
    • Respect Others
    • Keep it Fun
    • Stay Healthy
    • Give Back.
  • The program also incorporates the fundamentals of Long-Term Athlete Development. 
  • Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals works both mind and body with progressive upper and lower body conditioning, stroke improvement, sprint and endurance training over increasing distances and repetitions. Once learned, skills are combined in increasingly challenging skill sequences.