First Aid/AEC and CPR/AED Instructor


After successful completion of this course, these instructors are certified to teach and certify in the following awards:

  • CPR A and C
  • HCP CPR (Health Care Provider CPR)
  • AED (Automated External Defibrillation)
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Standard First Aid (Mentorship required before Examiner appointment granted.)
  • Aquatic Emergency Care (**Instructor must have LSI and Aquatic Emergency Care to teach this award) (Mentorship required before Examiner appointment granted.)

Prerequisites: Standard First Aid/CPR C/AED certification and Lifesaving Instructor
Course Length: Approximately 20 hours; delivered by Branch only (course includes AEC Instructor & CPR HCP Instructor)
Candidate Books: Canadian Lifesaving Manual & the Instructor Notes to course, Lifesaving First Aid Instructor Binder (binder includes the Lifesaving First Aid Award Guide, Canadian First Aid manual, AED & First Aid Lesson Plans, Lifesaving Candidate Workbook, CPR+AED manuals and Lifesaving First Aid Instructor Course Booklet)
Taught and Certified By: Lifesaving First Aid/AEC Instructor-Trainer
Evaluation: This is a pass or fail award.

Award Recognition: Wallet card
Expiry Date: Exactly 2 years from the date of certification (i.e. date on certification card)
Recertification: Lifesaving First Aid and Aquatic Emergency Care Instructors recertify through the Society’s professional development credit system.


This course is run on an as needed basis. If you are interested in taking this course please fill out the interest form here