Emergency First Aid

Lifesaving Emergency First Aid (includes CPR A/AED)

The Lifesaving Emergency First Aid course teaches a general knowledge of first aid principles and the emergency treatment of injuries.  This is ideal for those who want the basic knowledge to help repond in an emergency.
Prerequisites: None
Course Length: 6.5 - 8 hours
Candidate Books: Canadian First Aid Manual (CPR Cardstock Manual optional)
Taught By: Current Lifesaving First Aid/AEC Instructor
Certified By: Lifesaving First Aid/AEC Examiner
Evaluation: This is a pass or fail award. Evaluation is practical; no written exam.
Award Recognition: Certification card
Expiry Date: Three years from the date of certification (i.e. date on certification card)
Recertification: Attend and pass a full EFA course again – only to maintain “current” EFA/A certification