Trainer Certification

Trainer Certification

Trainer Certifcation

Lifesaving Society Trainers (formerly Instructor Trainers) provide a high level of leadership and education to the Lifesaving Society, instructor candidates and program candidates.
Current National Trainer teach and certify Trainer candidates. To become a Trainer at any level (excluding B.O.A.T. Instructor) candidates must successfully complete the Lifesaving Society Trainer Clinic and complete an apprenticeship process.
Pre-requisites to take Trainer Clinic

  • Appointed Examiner and Mentor at the Bronze Medal level
  • Must be a member in good standing with the Society

Apprenticeship Process

  • Lifesaving Trainer – must complete Swim for Life and Lifesaving Trainer apprenticeships before other levels
  • Trainers may apprentice to become a National Lifeguard Instructor Trainer or a First Aid Instructor Trainer if they are an Examiner and Mentor of the level they wish to become a Trainer for
  • Other apprenticeships opportunities for advanced awards are at the invitation of the Branch (example: Aquatic Supervisor Training)

National Trainer Certification

National Trainers prepare candidates to assume a leadership role as Lifesaving Society Trainers.
Only current National Trainers may teach Trainer candidates

  • Must be an experienced and active Lifesaving Society Trainer
  • Must be a member in good standing with the Society.
  • Must not have a conflict of interest: Individuals who are officers or senior representatives of organizations or agencies that offer programs that compete with those of the Lifesaving Society are not eligible for appointment as a National Trainer.
  • Candidates become trained as a National Trainer at the invitation of the Lifesaving Society Branch they reside and train in.