Junior Lifeguard Club

What is the Junior Lifeguard Club?

The Junior Lifeguard Club offers an action-packed aquatic challenge for those who love the water, quick learners, those caught between levels or programs, and thrive in an energetic learning environment.  The Junior Lifeguard Club also keeps your swimmers engaged in aquatic learning helping to develop potential future staff.

The Lifesaving Society has designed the Junior Lifeguard Club for a serious purpose – but the process is pure fun!  The club stresses fun and skill development based on personal best achievement.

Within a Junior Lifeguard Club kids are able to learn new skills, make new friends, volunteer and help out within the community. Every time the children completes an award level or a personal goal, such as swimming skills, lifesaving skills, fitness, community education, lifesaving knowledge, or leadership, teamwork, and competition they receive a Recognition Seal to place in their Waterlog. Junior Lifeguard Clubs provide children some of the necessary training required to become lifeguards in the future!

Who can participate in Junior Lifeguard Club?

Friends and family members can join together – even if they are different ages and abilities. The club welcomes members between 8 and 15 years of age who can swim at least 25 meters and can tread water for at least 2 minutes.  No formal swimming lessons? No problem, it is another goal for them towards.

Contact your local swimming facility to see if they offer the Junior Lifeguard Club!

JLC Starter Pack

Introducing the Junior Lifeguard Club Starter Pack for Affiliates which includes:

  • 1 Coaching Manual 
  • 10 Waterlogs
  • 126 Recognition Seals 

Are there different levels in Junior Lifeguard Club?

Junior Lifeguard Club members work at their own individual speed to recieve Recognition Seals and fill in their personal Waterlogs in seven different areas. There are no “failures” in the Junior Lifeguard Club, instead only personal effort and success are recognized. Each member sets a goal in their Waterlog in one of the seven areas and when they acheive it they get a Sticker and set a new goal.  

Club Members work to develop and improve swimming ability and Lifesaving skills; personal fitness; lifesaving knowledge; leadership and teamwork.  Club members also work towards special events and community education projects.

They can also earn their Swim Patrol awards as part of the club, meaning they are well prepared to go into their Bronze Medals.