Parent and Tot

The Lifesaving Society Parent & Tot program structures in-water interaction between parent and child to stress the importance of play developing water-positive attitudes and skills. Activities and progressions are based on child development, so parents register in the level appropriate for theie child's age. Targeted Water Smart® drowning prevention messages are an integral part of the Swim for Life® program. These messages are delivered in all Parent & Tot levels. 

Parent & Tot Level 1

4 – 12-month-olds

Parents/caregivers and their babies will explore the water together under the watchful eyes and guidance of their swimming instructor.

Learning includes how to safely enter and exit the water together, getting comfortable having face wet, and being in front and back float positions with parent/caregiver support holds.

Parent & Tot Level 2

12 – 24-month-olds

Instructor-led sessions help parents and their children safely explore water together. Parents are taught how to support their child while floating and kicking. They can celebrate together when children can get their face wet and blow bubbles for the first time.

Parent & Tot Level 3

2 – 3-year-olds

At 2-3 years these almost independent toddlers are really ready to explore: Getting in, getting out, going under, and floating, under the watchful eye of their parents and instructor.

Next Step – Preschool!