National Lifeguard Recertification

Under the 2012 National Lifeguard revisement, the National Lifeguard Recertifications became standardized across the country. National Lifeguard certification is valid for 24 months (2 years) from the date of the exam. In order to remain current, National Lifeguards must attend an in-person recert exam before they expire. This exam ensures that all National Lifeguards are remaining at the National Lifeguard standard.

Note: As long as you have held a National Lifeguard certification you can attend a recert. However in-between the time of expiration and the recert exam you are not considered certified by the Lifesaving Society.

National Lifeguard Recerts must be at least four hours and are based off the National Lifeguard Recert Guide which includes:

Physical Standard

Item 2a: Object Recovery

Item 2c: Sprint Challenge

Item 2e: Endurance Challenge

Judgement and Skill

Item 9a: Management of distressed or drowning victim

Item 9b: Management of submerged, non-breathing victim

Item 9c: Management of spinal-injured victim

Item 9d: Management of injured swimmer (may be evaluated in Lifeguarding situations)

Item 10: Lifeguarding Situations